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Sid - Bottom end specialist


The man of a thousand basses, Sid has the stage presence of a Mummy from an episode of Scooby Doo - and the charm to match. Whether holding down the groove or underpinning a song with a driving bass line, Sid is the high priest of all things low down.


Musical influences


Anything from The Who and The Stones to 70's punk to metal and

modern indie music - and whatever else floats my boat.

My bass heroes include the late Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler,

Steve Harris, Peter Hook and Bruce Foxton.


My favourite thing about being in Candy Slam is ....


It’s the only band I’ve ever been in where we all genuinely get along

and respect each other. There are no egos or primadonnas in the band

- we enjoy what we do and have a good time doing it!


.... and the worst?


The obligatory sweaty man hug from Kev at the end of the night.

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