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Natasa - Lead vocal & the Slams' iCandy.


Like the Sirens of legend Nat lures many an unwary man to their doom (usually because they’re drunk!) with her angelic overtones. Just as comfortable singing smooth jazz tunes as she is belting it out with the boys, Nat has equal measures of power and soul in her voice and a laid back, witty persona on-stage and off.


Musical influences


Pretty much anything and everything!


My favourite thing about being in Candy Slam is ....


Sharing my love of singing which makes me feel younger than I am!

Also, being surrounded by 4 of the 5 hunkiest men I know,

the other being my wonderful husband, Mark, of course!


.... and the worst?


Compromising and consolidating the needs of the five members

of the band who each have different lives and commitments so that

we can all get together to gig and rehearse etc.  

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