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Louis - Guitars and excessive body hair


Brickie by day, guitar god by night, Louis heads the bands shredding department. He’ll also whip you up a nice new garage if you ask him nicely. Louis has also been blessed with that rarest of guitarist traits –

the ability to actually turn his amp down – which makes his services in the band invaluable.


Musical influences


Oasis and Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, Blues, pretty much everything

from  jazz fusion to metal.


My favourite thing about being in Candy Slam is ....


Playing music on a regular basis with great people.

It’s a night out for me as I don’t drink very often.  

And playing to a crowd who really appreciate what you do!


.... and the worst?


Fellow guitarists watching my hands during Beat It by Michael Jackson.

Yeah, I can play that solo. And packing and unpacking wires for the PA.

Lego Louis